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Create a lasting memory in a facilitated, private Cacao Ceremony. This ceremony is meant to hold space for a transformational wellness experience and sacred moment for inner exploration + expression. It includes drinking ceremonial grade, raw cacao with facilitated discussion,

card reading, music and dance. 

Sacred Medicine

Cacao is often referred to as a "heart-opening" medicine due to its ability to promote feelings of compassion and connection. It is a sacred plant medicine that has been used in indigenous cultures in South and Central America to facilitate emotional healing, spiritual growth, and inner exploration.


The Ceremony Includes

Moments of Change

This experience is suited for rites of passages, big life changes, and/or for creating an overall wellness experience. The following are examples when a Cacao Ceremony would be beneficial.


New Chapters

Milestones (career, moving, empty nest, retirement)


Loss, Grief, Divorce, Death

Life Challenges + Changes


Health Benefits of Cacao

Cacao is most beneficial in its raw, unprocessed form. Processed chocolate products, which often contain additives and go through heavy heating, may not provide the same health advantages. For this ceremony, we will be using a ceremonial grade cacao which means it is pure, raw and unprocessed.


Nutrient Dense

Cacao is a good source of several essential nutrients, including magnesium, iron, fiber, and vitamins like B6 and E. These nutrients are important for various functions in the body, such as energy production, nerve function, immune health and women's health (especially for PMS and cramps). 


Rich in Antioxidants

Cacao is packed with antioxidants, such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which help fight off free radicals in the body. These antioxidants can help reduce inflammation, protect cells from damage, and promote overall health. The antioxidants in cacao may help protect the skin from damage caused by UV radiation and promote skin health by improving circulation and hydration.


Mood Enhancement

Cacao contains compounds like phenylethylamine (PEA) and anandamide, which are known as "feel-good" chemicals. These compounds can stimulate the release of endorphins in the brain, promoting feelings of happiness and well-being.


Boosts Brain Function

The flavonoids and other compounds in cacao may also have cognitive benefits.  Consuming cacao may improve memory, focus, and overall brain function.


Meet Your Facilitator

Hi I'm Danielle! 

Over the years, I found a deep connection to my ancient island heritage (I am Filipina!) and indigenous traditions around the world. In my search for self-discovery, I found myself on the islands of Maui, Puerto Rico and Ibiza. These three places had a common cultural community around solidarity, finding the sacred through nature and connecting to their indigenous traditions.

These experiences inspired me to train with a Kumu Hula, which translates to master teacher of dance in Hawaii. This training is about much more than the art of dance, but about the stories and traditions to pass down. I continued down the path of sacred dance and was led to learn the art of ceremony through the Native American traditions, specifically the medicine wheel and how it teaches us through each cycle in life. 

I started incorporating ceremonial cacao personally in my monthly cycle for health, wellness and ritual. From there, I grew to share these experiences so that others may also find ways to create reflection and insight through ritual in their daily lives.

May we, once again, integrate our lives into the beauty and sacredness of the nature around us.


1 to 1 Session: $144

  • 75min

Private Group: $300

  • 2 hours

  • Up to 9 people

  • $12 each additional person

  • Does not include space rental, add $150 for space rental


Please indicate 1:1 or group (how many), the inspiration for the ceremony and preferred dates/times.

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