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Ciao Bella

Who Am I?
An Education and Tech Visionary
A Conscious Creative Performer & Producer
A Transformational Facilitator
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My Mission

To compose learning experiences

for the purpose

of advancing human potential.  

What I Do
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Social Emotional and Mental Health Programs and Products for Education

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Guided, transformative dance experiences

to bridge community through conscious movement

About Me

I am an advocate of life-long learning: to be a student of life. To do this, I focus on building transformative learning experiences.

I was a Learning Designer at The Astronomical Society of the Pacific in San Francisco where I developed digital learning environments. I delivered online courses to educators across the globe. I was the Program Director at STEMful (a Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) Education Organization where I led company vision, built business strategy and oversaw program development and delivery.

I utilize embodied practices of dance, movement and theatre with the sacred elements of meditation and ceremony. My background in theatre brings an element of performance and show to my guided experiences.

I began my life as a performer and my heart will always live through the life of the stage. Whether it be a theatrical stage or the stage we create in our lives, I boldly express joy and beauty through all that I do.


  • Honors B.A in Theatre: UC Irvine - with a focus in directing and physical theatre (contact improvisation, viewpoints, suzuki).

  • Certified in ShaktiRize

  • Trained in the Agile Learning Facilitation

I resonate deeply with my Pacific Islander heritage. I am greatly influenced by ancient island traditions and indigenous wisdom. This ignites my passion toward building an Ancient Future where we re-connect to the land and people while staying present in the forward-thinking world of innovation.


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