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Mother Daughter Monthly Circle

A virtual workshop designed to celebrate the unique bond between mothers and daughters (ages 8-14),

offering a sanctuary of connection amidst daily life.

The experience is designed to:


Engage in mindfulness, wellness practices and deep discussion to strengthen the relationship. Learn more about one another, reflect on insight about your personal journey as a mother, and engage in a women's circle to give space for the feminine way. 

Nurture your unique journey together!

Card deck image website.png

Power Pieces

An interactive card deck designed to support emotional awareness, mindfulness and learn skills to manage distress.


Celebrating Women Trivia

Let's play while learning about inspiring, impactful women through history up to today!


Collaborative Creativity

Build your bond by getting creative together in group collaborations.

Testimonial 1 from Mother Daughter Wellness Day

" Danielle’s mother /daughter experience was excellent. The ceremony was exciting and interesting and helped my daughter feel she was part of something magical. 

My daughter (age 10) said she really appreciated how Danielle made a safe environment for her to express herself. 
It was a real treat spending the afternoon with my daughter playing, learning, expressing, talking, connecting and most of all given a safe space to bond with my daughter. " - Amy R

Event Info

There will be multiple events each month and the same event will repeat in the same month (for example: all events in October feature the same trivia questions, new trivia content will be featured in September and November, so there will be new content every new month). 


Ticket includes attendance for 1 mother/guardian/parent + daughter (age 8-13). If you have multiple daughters in this age range, we will be flexible in allowing siblings but highly recommend taking 1:1 time to honor each daughter individually.

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