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Consulting Online Programs


Conscious Businesses.

Because Online Learning Is More Than Zoom! 

What: I offer consultation and product development services to build online learning environments. This might include online courses, live stream trainings, membership portals, edtech tool integration, and distance learning tools.

Who: For businesses, coaches, consultants, schools, educators, teachers and speakers.

Why: Let's create joy around utilizing technology to learn!





Danielle Bardellini Learning Solutions

curriculum &


Let's get your teachings into a repeatable and standardized process. 

Organization & 

Project Management

Videos! PDFs! Lots of Emails!

Your life is about to get a whole lot simpler.

Technical Support

Time to get your great offerings into a technical format that is reliable and sustainable. We've got your solutions!



“It is important to work with people who can envision, wing-to-wing, eye-to-eye, on every level. Danielle Rose (and LightsUp) have greatly supported my work in being able to take it to the next level and into its next expression.


She built it into an online program that can reach the masses. Her brilliance to see and embody work based in spirit and then be able to translate it digitally is exceptional. She is able to translate the work into tangible tasks.


Before, my work was underground and now it is able to spread its wings because she lives it and breathes it herself. If I were to hire someone whose only expertise is in the digital world, it would be missing the element that Danielle brings, which is the essence and truth to the teachings.


Her ability to build online programs and platforms make it accessible for anyone to learn from.”

- Parashakti


Things had been going very well with my Life Coaching/Hypnotherapy business, Divine Spark Coaching, when I received a strong desire to offer my own online coaching programs. I had no idea how to do this or who to turn to. Fortunately, I spoke with a coaching colleague who told me about an awesome woman, Danielle Rose, whom she had worked with to create and design online courses. I reached out to Danielle and right away I know that I was in excellent hands. She was always prepared, punctual and professional as she designed a terrific looking website and course for me that has been incredible to take clients through. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone and everyone who wants to expand to their business.

- Charles West



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