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Mother Daughter Monthly Circle

A virtual workshop designed to celebrate the unique bond between mothers and daughters (ages 8-14),

offering a sanctuary of connection amidst daily life.

The experience is designed to:


Engage in mindfulness, wellness practices and deep discussion to strengthen the relationship. Learn more about one another, reflect on insight about your personal journey as a mother, and engage in a women's circle to give space for

the feminine way. 

Nurture your unique journey together!

Card deck image website.png

Power Pieces

An interactive card deck designed to support emotional awareness, mindfulness and learn skills to manage distress.


Celebrating Women Trivia

Let's play while learning about inspiring, impactful women through history up to today!


Collaborative Creativity

Build your bond by getting creative together in group collaborations.


Meet Danielle

Hi! I started mother-daughter experiences because I saw a fundamental need that was missing from our education system and our modern day culture. I've been working in the education industry building programs for schools for over 15 years and it was apparent that the anxiety, sadness and stress that children are currently experiencing need to be at the forefront of our focus. In addition, I was working with women's circles and one day I heard someone say "My daughter wanted to come so badly today!" and... I thought, "Well let's create something new then!" 

So I combined my experience in social-emotional learning, wellness, games, events, theater and ancient women's wisdom to build experiences that connect mothers, daughters and families overall. 

My hope is that our time together will bridge a new, deeper connection to family, but also to our ancestors, and the many women before us so that we may walk into a new world of equality, intuition, strength, and emotional resiliency. 

Oh and have some fun while we're at it!

Testimonial 1 from Mother Daughter Wellness Day

" Danielle’s mother /daughter experience was excellent. The ceremony was exciting and interesting and helped my daughter feel she was part of something magical. 

My daughter (age 10) said she really appreciated how Danielle made a safe environment for her to express herself. 
It was a real treat spending the afternoon with my daughter playing, learning, expressing, talking, connecting and most of all given a safe space to bond with my daughter. " - Amy R


  1. What is the Mother-Daughter Virtual Monthly Workshop?
    A series of online events designed to strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters through various games, activities, discussions, and learning experiences.

  2. Who is it for? The experience is for all mothers/guardians with an 8-14 year old identifying female. It is for any mother who wants to create a healthy long-term relationship, find more tools for emotional support through the pre-teen/teen years, create special memories through a monthly ritual and/or engage in fun experiences with their daughter.

  3. What types of activities are included? Are we just listening in on a zoom call? This is not your average zoom call! The experience is designed to be interactive and engaging with music, games, apps and more! We will feature inspiring women while playing trivia and learning lesser known facts, you will receive exclusive access to the Power Pieces Deck (a game designed with mental health professionals and child psychologists to develop emotional awareness, regulate emotions, create mindfulness practices, and learn skills to manage distress) and you will engage in a creative project collaborating with your daughter!

  4. How often are the workshops held? Can we attend twice in one month? There will be multiple dates every month. There will be new content (new trivia, etc) every new month so we recommend coming once a month for now.

  5. Can other family members participate? This experience is designed for a mother daughter pair, if there are siblings in the same age range, we will be flexible but we highly recommend giving each daughter 1:1 attention to give quality time to the individual relationship and attending twice a month, one session for each daughter. For fathers and boys, we will soon be launching Family Game Nights: Mystery Adventures for all family members!

  6. What platform will it be on? Zoom!

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